Thank you for taking the time to consult with our company regarding your estate. We have put this website together to give you a better understanding of what we can do for you, and to try to answer questions that you may have for us.

Every estate sale is unique. No two estates sales have the same contents. Some sales have tons of antiques, while some are quite modest with normal household contents. Although many sales are quite large, most are smaller and some are partial estates. Because each sale is different and the contents can vary, it is especially important to find a company to suit your needs. The value of an ordinary teacup can double if it is in the right house in the right part of town. The coffee maker in your estate may be worth more or less than the coffee maker in last week’s sale. This is why we look at each house and scrutinize the items we are selling. We take location, brands, condition, and past experience from over 700 estate sales into consideration when determining the value of each item.

We usually conduct between three and four estate sales per month. We use the volume of sales we have to develop customer relations and to promote upcoming sales. By getting to know our customers’ wants and needs, we are able to market your estate to the proper buyers. Even before your estate sale opens, we will have notified most of our customers about your sale. Many of your belongings will already have buyers lined up because of our extensive buyers wish lists we keep on hand.

The benefits of hiring our company go beyond selective advertising, crowd control, and negotiations. Depending on the size of the sale we may staff it with as few as 3 or as many as 15 people. Our staff has extensive knowledge and many are experts in various fields including gems and jewelry, art, silver, tools, antiques, sterling, clocks, collectables and general household items. Some of our staff may move furniture, show valuables in locked cases, or even go on test-drives in the event we are selling a car for the estate.

Our company is licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection. We have many safeguards built into our business practices to help avoid shoplifting and tag switching. Pricing is done only by a qualified appraiser in order to avoid mistakes.

It usually takes us from 1-2 weeks to set up and price a sale. During this time, all contents of the estate are researched and inspected and every item is priced by a qualified appraiser. Gas driven appliances are started if possible, cars for sale are washed and detailed, and valuables are displayed in locked display cases. We take great care in cleaning and presenting your estate to make each item as desirable as possible and making the sale reach its potential.

Our standard service includes:
  • Rearranging furniture to handle the traffic on the sale day, as well as to display it
  • Providing tables, clothes racks, and locking case for valuables
  • Cleaning, displaying and organizing household contents for sale
  • Hanging of caution signs for steps and blocking off unsafe areas
  • Researching, inspecting and evaluating every item in the estate for sale
  • Pricing every item in the home for sale
  • Handling all advertising and promotion of the sale, including newspaper ads, signs, flyers, e-mail notices, and personal alerts
  • Obtaining the proper permits to have the sale and collecting and remitting of sales tax.
  • Staffing the sale with qualified assistants to answer questions and assist in moving furniture
  • Providing bags, boxes, and wrapping supplies to buyers
Optional services at extra cost include:
  • Providing a printed list of each item sold
  • Staffing of professional security
  • Arranging for charitable donations on remaining items and providing the client with a signed copy of IRS form 8283 for tax deductions 
  • Leaving the home in broom clean condition
  • Arranging professional home cleaning, make ready service, and trash removal to prepare a home for sale
Throughout the liquidation process, you household contents will be treated with respect. We understand that you are not only liquidating personal property, but that you have memories associated with many of the items sold. Our goal is to provide you with a professional liquidation and to help eliminate any stress normally associated with such situations.